The Commercial Interior Designer to Trust with Your Business Space

As any business owner will know, your workspace is an integral part of your business – whatever your business may be. Here at Kennard Gornall, our specialty is taking those out of date or uninspiring spaces and turning them into something you love looking at every day.

We have experience working with a wide range of businesses from various different industries, whether it be retail stores, hospitality spaces or even clients in the healthcare sector. This versatility is what sets us apart from other commercial interior designers in the area, showing that there is no limit to what you can achieve when creativity and innovation is involved.

Bringing life and personality to your commercial property

Whether you are wanting to create a stylish and engaging office for your employees to work in, or a unique retail space that will impress each and every customer, Kennard Gornall are the creative specialists to call. As an experienced commercial interior designer, we know what it takes to bring your business to life within your very own space.

We do this by first getting to know, the business owner/s; getting a feel for what your business is, what you want it to be and the atmosphere you hope to create within your space. We then work with our team to make this vision a reality, always making use of the most unique designs, furniture and materials to ensure the final product is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Each and every one of our designs encapsulates three core characteristics; functionality, personality and timelessness. Together, these features make your commercial space one that you will love both now and for years in the future.

Our bespoke team covers every detail – so you don’t have to

The process of revamping your commercial space can be an overwhelming one, but we at Kennard Gornall have the capacity to make every step a seamless one. As commercial interior designers and stylists, we can work on both structural and cosmetic redesign by putting together a trusted team of architects Professionals , builders, trade specialists and other industry specialists. This ensures for a cohesive, flawless finish that exceeds your expectations rather than simply meeting them.

Enquire about your commercial project today

Do you have a commercial space that requires the attention of a dedicated team of commercial interior designers? Get in touch with Kennard Gornall today on 02 9954 5456 to find out more about our services and how we can turn your dream space into a reality.